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Storm Shelters

Premium Tornado Shelters

We feel there is nothing more important than keeping your family and children safe. We continuously strive to ensure you piece of mind during extreme conditions. Not only will we protect you at home, we provide custom sized storm shelters for businesses, schools, churches and other commercial locations. We manufacture, sell and install Fiberglass Underground Storm Shelters across the United States. Severe weather can strike at any time, and the best time to ensure the protection of you and your loved ones is now. With ever-changing technology, the options are vast. When deciding on a storm shelter to offer you the peace-of-mind you deserve, considering underground fiberglass options is an excellent choice.

Our Shelters are approved by the American Tornado Shelter Association

Member of the American Tornado Shelter Association

Comfort During The Storm In Your Storm Shelter

While storm shelters offer much-needed protection, oftentimes they are not comfortable. Fiberglass storm shelters offer a level of comfort that will be appreciated when the need arises to take shelter. With their carpeted stairways, you can avoid slipping and becoming injured while taking refuge. Furthermore, when using metal storm shelters, rust and cracking are ever-present dangers, but, with fiberglass, this is not a concern.

Getting Underground In A Shelter

It is recommended during a tornado warning to get to a low-elevated location. What better place to install your storm shelter than underground? Our skilled technicians can locate the best spot for installation on your property and get your underground fiberglass storm shelter functioning quickly. Your safety is our number one goal, and we make expedience a priority.

Storm Shelter For The Entire Family

Along with the comfort of fiberglass storm shelters comes another feature everyone will appreciate. These shelters are known to be roomy. Common specs for fiberglass storm shelters are six by five feet, enough room to comfortably support the whole family. Our qualified staff can examine the options available to find the fiberglass storm shelter that will best accommodate you and your loved ones.

Storm Shelter Investment Could Save Your Life

Life is priceless, and, once it's lost, no amount of money can replace it. When it comes to dangerous weather, don't leave it to chance or procrastinate. Our underground fiberglass storm shelters have been stringently tested, and they can withstand even the most severe weather. Call today to explore your options. Learn More ...  

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